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Registered to Taranaki Radio Control Car Club

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fastest Times of Day

1/10 Electric Buggy
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Connor Kilgour 47.268
Bill Kilgour 47.779
Tyler Walker 49.584
Jackson Kilgour 58.58
1/8 I.C. Truggy
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Hayden Peters 39.251
Gage Peters 39.948
Shaun Peters 40.153
Andrew Vickers 40.825
Connor Kilgour 41.182
Robert Vickers 41.253
Bill Kilgour 41.453
David Read 42.546
Zane Read 42.676
Brian French 44.357
1/8 I.C. Buggy
Name ID# Fastest Lap
Gage Peters 40.204
Scott Kendall 40.728
Bill Kilgour 41.911
Andrew Vickers 42.142
Zane Read 42.314
Robert Vickers 42.778
Tyler Walker 42.785
Connor Kilgour 44.149
David Read 44.361
Dylan Waite 47.216
Sean Cowen 50.87
Name ID# Fastest Lap
1/10 Electric Buggy (6 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Bill Kilgour 7/6m3.308s
Connor Kilgour 7/6m8.749s
Tyler Walker 7/6m35.166s
Jackson Kilgour 6/6m23.885s
1/8 I.C. Truggy (6 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Gage Peters 9/6m18.633s
Hayden Peters 9/6m20.778s
Shaun Peters 9/6m29.585s
Connor Kilgour 9/6m34.215s
Bill Kilgour 9/6m35.878s
Robert Vickers 9/6m36.515s
Zane Read 8/6m2.533s
Andrew Vickers 8/6m3.584s
David Read 8/6m25.550s
Brian French 8/6m42.944s
1/8 I.C. Buggy (6 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times
Gage Peters 9/6m30.828s
Scott Kendall 9/6m41.753s
Andrew Vickers 9/6m43.433s
Zane Read 8/6m4.857s
Robert Vickers 8/6m5.037s
Bill Kilgour 8/6m6.609s
Connor Kilgour 8/6m27.912s
David Read 7/6m5.541s
Tyler Walker 6/4m35.567s
Dylan Waite 6/5m13.830s
Sean Cowen 6/6m16.443s
(6 min's)
Name ID# Best Lap/Times

Results of All Rounds
1/10 Electric Buggy
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Combined (Pts)**
1st Bill Kilgour 7/6m13.865s 7/6m24.835s* 6/6m46.287s* 7/6m3.308s 14/12m17.173s
2nd Connor Kilgour 7/6m12.569s 2/2m17.648s* 4/6m42.868s* 7/6m8.749s 14/12m21.318s
3rd Tyler Walker 5/4m30.587s* 7/6m42.254s* 7/6m37.661s 7/6m35.166s 14/13m12.827s
4th Jackson Kilgour 5/6m20.610s* 5/5m52.554s 6/6m23.885s 3/3m43.828s* 11/12m16.439s
*result dropped
1/8 I.C. Truggy
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Combined (Pts)**
1st Gage Peters 9/6m19.192s 9/6m38.398s* 9/6m29.542s* 9/6m18.633s 18/12m37.825s
2nd Hayden Peters 9/6m20.778s 9/6m21.200s 9/6m29.924s* 9/6m27.980s* 18/12m41.978s
3rd Shaun Peters 9/6m38.576s* 9/6m29.585s 8/6m6.545s* 9/6m33.345s 18/13m2.930s
4th Connor Kilgour 8/6m30.352s* 9/6m38.252s 9/6m34.215s 7/5m45.931s* 18/13m12.467s
5th Robert Vickers 8/6m15.009s* 8/6m1.967s* 9/6m37.286s 9/6m36.515s 18/13m13.801s
6th Bill Kilgour 9/6m35.878s 3/2m25.797s* 9/6m37.951s 9/6m42.529s* 18/13m13.829s
7th Andrew Vickers 8/6m4.061s 7/6m5.595s* 0/0m0.000s* 8/6m3.584s 16/12m7.645s
8th Zane Read 8/6m25.146s* 7/6m7.280s* 8/6m24.051s 8/6m2.533s 16/12m26.584s
9th Brian French 7/6m19.930s* 7/6m12.109s* 8/6m42.944s 8/6m43.928s 16/13m26.872s
10th David Read 6/5m1.159s* 7/6m24.704s 8/6m25.550s 6/4m44.213s* 15/12m50.254s
*result dropped
1/8 I.C. Buggy
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Combined (Pts)**
1st Gage Peters 9/6m41.446s* 9/6m32.427s 9/6m30.828s 9/6m35.650s* 18/13m3.255s
2nd Andrew Vickers 0/0m0.000s* 8/6m19.286s* 8/6m4.824s 9/6m43.433s 17/12m48.257s
3rd Scott Kendall 7/5m21.457s 3/2m35.570s* 9/6m41.753s 5/3m38.328s* 16/12m3.210s
4th Zane Read 0/0m0.000s* 8/6m25.192s* 8/6m4.883s 8/6m4.857s 16/12m9.740s
5th Bill Kilgour 8/6m25.410s* 8/6m15.405s* 8/6m11.572s 8/6m6.609s 16/12m18.181s
6th Robert Vickers 8/6m5.037s 8/6m21.753s 6/4m56.309s* 8/6m25.237s* 16/12m26.790s
7th Connor Kilgour 8/6m31.267s 8/6m27.912s 5/4m11.414s* 7/6m15.904s* 16/12m59.179s
8th David Read 7/6m15.570s* 7/6m12.600s 7/6m5.541s 7/6m24.016s* 14/12m18.141s
9th Sean Cowen 0/0m0.000s* 0/0m0.000s* 6/6m16.443s 6/6m22.243s 12/12m38.686s
10th Tyler Walker 2/3m26.118s* 6/4m35.567s 0/0m0.000s* 5/5m18.318s 11/9m53.885s
11th Dylan Waite 2/1m49.401s* 5/6m35.215s* 6/5m13.830s 5/4m50.865s 11/10m4.695s
*result dropped
Pos Name ID# Combined (Pts)**
*result dropped